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A Fresh Perspective on Michigan Government Relations

Capitol Affairs, Inc. specializes in providing personalized government relations consulting services to businesses with legislative, regulatory or procurement issues.

Capitol Affairs is a government relations consulting firm with the energy, experience and momentum to help you navigate a course through the maze of government bureaucracy.

We are a boutique-style consulting firm dedicated to providing a handful of select clients a unique experience. Capitol Affairs is small - intentionally. We work with a limited number of clients so that we can provide one-on-one senior level service.

We teach our clients to understand the mechanisms of public decision making and work with them to control or impact the process. We identify and communicate with the right decision makers and opinion leaders to promote a client's agenda.

Our goal is simple...

To provide all clients with the highest level of professionalism, competence, innovation and success-oriented consulting services.




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Areas of Practice

Government Relations

 A successful government relations program involves a great deal more than traditional legislative lobbying. Understanding how the system works, knowing the decision makers and how to reach them, and being prepared to act when opportunities arise are all essential aspects of dealing with public policy issues. We assure our clients remain involved in the legislative process and have a seat at the table when issues of concern are debated.

Grass Roots Activity and Coalition Development

In some cases, traditional lobbying by itself is not enough to overcome a perception of serious and focused public support or opposition.  Public officials are responsive to a variety of constituencies and to what they see as public opinion.

Grass roots activity shapes and galvanizes public opinion.  When that happens, lobbying efforts are most successful.  Coalitions convey power and demand attention.  If coalitions already exist to promote your agenda, we’ll help nourish, manage and engage them.  If they don’t exist, we’ll help create them.

Procurement Counseling

Many businesses want to sell their products or services to the government.  This can be difficult even for the most seasoned sales executive.  Old practices and old relationships can conflict with your agenda. Sometimes you’re not sure who the competition really is – or who is going to make the decisions.  Other times it really isn’t that difficult, if you could just connect with the right people. 

Business development starts with the connections and relationships.  We develop the strategies and activities to foster those relationships.  Selling is still selling, so hard work is the surest pathway to consistent success.  We help you get into a position to make the sales pitch.

Political Consulting

We can direct you in the skillful use of your financial resources. Whether it is forming and managing a political action committee or providing targeted advice on where to invest your personal dollars.  We leverage on our client’s behalf more than two decades of experience in political campaigns and in supporting winning candidates.  Dollars are limited so investing in the right decision makers is an important part of any government relations program.



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